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WH Underworlds: Shadespire - Magore's Fiends
  • WH Underworlds: Shadespire - Magore's Fiends
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Mighty champions of ruin whose unquenchable lust for slaughter drives them ever onward, Magore's Fiends are Bloodbound warriors who will defile the Mirrored City so utterly with the blood of the fallen that Khorne will reward his loyal servants well. Introduce a new and unique warband to your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and take advantage of new and different ways to play - whatever warband you use - with this set of miniatures and cards. It includes 3 heavily armoured Blood Warriors miniatures, a Flesh Hound, and a deck of 60 cards, 31 of which are universal, to be used by any and every warband - add these cards to your arsenal and build your perfect deck.