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Test of Honour - Pauper Soldiers
  • Test of Honour - Pauper Soldiers
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Designer Graham Davey
Artist -
Publisher Warlord Games
Year Published 2017
# of Players 2 - 4 players
Suggested Min. Age 12+
Play Time 60 minutes
Disinherited samurai lord Senzo the Thorn leads a group of pauper soldiers, using his legendary skills with the bow in the hope of winning back his fortune. Once again, the metal straw hat heads that come in this set completely change the feel of the models, making them less military and more like peasants (especially if you leave off the back-banners). Remember each expansion set contains one type of plastic sprue, but there's nothing to stop you mixing the heads around on bodies from other sets if you want to create a more balanced force. The samurai archer character from this set is backed up with some useful shooty skills, plus other skills and quests that reflect him being more at home with the local peasants than most noble-born samurai.