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Sonar: Family
  • Sonar: Family
  • Sonar: Family
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Designer Roberto Fraga, Yohan Lemonnier
Artist Ervin, Sabrina Tobal
Publisher Matagot
Year Published 2017
# of Players 2 - 4
Suggested Min. Age 8+
Play Time 30 Minutes
Time for an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, with each of the two teams in Sonar competing to be the first to deal two points of damage to the other. Do that, and you win the game instantly. In detail, Sonar includes four pairs of maps, and each team takes the same maps in their color. A team can be one or two players, and with two players on a team, each player takes a different role: Captain or Radio Operator. (A one-person team handles both roles.) A divider separates the teams, and each Captain marks their starting location on the map.