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Snow Time
  • Snow Time
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Designer Frank Meyer
Artist Xavier Gueniffey Durin
Publisher Lui-meme
Year Published 2018
# of Players 3 - 5 players
Suggested Min. Age 10+
Play Time 30 minutes
Snow is falling! Winter is finally here!A joust is in the making: let the show begin! You play as children, representing your village, and face youropponents in a joyful competition around a marvelous tree.Anticipate other players' moves and guess their intentions.Be crafty, collect strange fruits, and dodge the snowballs!! Fruits appear randomly on the board at different levels of the tree.The players will try to seize them and therefore will have to choose on which branch they want to climb.Be careful though, a player will only be able to harvest fruits if he is alone on a branch, and if there is not a player in ambush just above him! Thus, He will try to anticipate the choices of his opponents since otherwise a squabble will start, which will inevitably end up by the loss of cards, unless one of the brawlers dominates the fray.Finally, the cleverest player will score a point for avoiding the fight by being the lowest in the tree.Between racing game, bluff, and double guessing.