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  • SeaFall
  • SeaFall
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Designer Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt
Artist Jared Blando, Rob Daviau, Gunship Revolution, Brian Valeza
Publisher Plaid Hat Games
Year Published 2016
# of Players 3 - 5 players
Suggested Min. Age 14+
Play Time 120 - 180 minutes
SeaFall is a 4X-inspired game (without player elimination/extermination) set in an "age of sail" world reminiscent of our world. In SeaFall, the world is starting to claw its way out of a dark age and has begun to rediscover seafaring technology. Players take on the role of a mainland empire that consults with a consortium of advisors to discover new islands, explore those islands, develop trade, send out raiding parties, take part in ship-to-ship combat, and more. As in Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, co-designed by Rob Daviau, SeaFall evolves as the game is played, setting their grudges into the history of the game and building a different narrative at every table as players open up the world.