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Raiders of the North Sea - Fields of Fame
  • Raiders of the North Sea - Fields of Fame
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Designer Shem Phillips
Artist Mihajlo Dimitrievski
Publisher Renegade Game Studios
Year Published 2018
# of Players 2-5
Suggested Min. Age 12+
Play Time 60-90 minutes
In Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame, enemy jarls have joined forces to help defend against the onslaught of raids on their settlements. But despite their threats, there is fame awaiting those who seek to kill or subdue them. Encountering a jarl is sure to bring injury, but now is no time for the faint-hearted. Onwards to the battlefield! In addition to including components for an extra player, Fields of Fame also includes the new township board, enemy jarl tokens and cards, fame, damage and a variety of new townsfolk.