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Designer Gary Kim
Artist Clément Masson, Ian Parovel, Radja Sauperamaniane, Andreï Tatarchenko, Swann Tolazzi
Publisher Ludonaute
Year Published 2017
# of Players 2 - 5 Players
Suggested Min. Age 8+
Play Time 25 - 45 minutes
As you journey across the mysterious land of Luma, you encounter a nomad camp. You join them around the fire and share in the strange potion that the great Shaman passes around. The stories told by those around the campfire seem odd and disjointed, but with cleverness and insight you may make sense of the many legends of Luma... In the dreamlike board game Nomads, players each collect disjointed pieces of stories. As you gather the story tiles, you can exchange them for a song or legend that makes sense of the seemingly random fragments. In the end, the player with the most points gleaned from song and legend cards and opal moon tiles and with the fewest leftover story or joker tiles wins!