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Munchkin - Vol 03: Clerical Errors
  • Munchkin - Vol 03: Clerical Errors
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Designer Steve Jackson
Artist Various
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Year Published 2003
# of Players 3-6
Suggested Min. Age 10+
Play Time 90 minutes
You wanted more Munchkin, so here it is! Created by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic... Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors has 112 more cards for the best-selling game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. Play a new race: Gnomes! Try on the Bard class. Face the Tequila Mockingbird, the Bad Ass, and the dreaded Auntie Paladin! Equip yourself with amazing items like the Chainmail Bikini and the Stab-A-Matic... and show them who's the mightiest, munchkinest dungeon delver of them all.