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LOTR LCG: Expansion 41 - The City of Corsairs
  • LOTR LCG: Expansion 41 - The City of Corsairs
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Designer Nate French, Matthew Newman
Artist Marius Bota, Joshua Cairós, Simon Dominic, Guillaume Ducos, Davis Engel, Micah Epstein, Mariusz Gandzel, Sergey Glushakov Nicholas Gregory, Nikolas Hagialas, Taylor Ingvarsson, Lukasz Jaskolski, Drazenka Kimpel, Monztre, Dmitry Prosvirnin, Michael Rasmussen, Michal Suchánek, Andreia Ugrai, Owen William Weber, Sara Winters
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Year Published 2016
# of Players 1 - 4 players
Suggested Min. Age 13+
Play Time 60 minutes
The City of Corsairs is the thrilling conclusion to the Dream-chaser cycle of Adventure Packs for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! Its new scenario grants your heroes the opportunity to board the Dream-chaser one last time, set sail for the lands of Umbar, and conclude your business with the Corsairs once and for all. But will you truly be ready for the dangers that await you? Featuring not one, but two new encounter sets, The City of Corsairs challenges you to navigate Umbar's coastal waters and battle past Corsair Ships before you set foot on land to pursue the Numenorean artifact that was stolen from you. Don't expect this task to be easy, though! In their lands, the Corsairs you'll face are deadlier than ever, and the Númenorean artifact grants them a strange and corrupting power.