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Lost Cities: The Board Game
  • Lost Cities: The Board Game
  • Lost Cities: The Board Game
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Designer Reiner Knizia
Artist Annette Nora Kara
Publisher Thames & Kosmos
Year Published 2008
# of Players 2 - 4 players
Suggested Min. Age 8+
Play Time 30 - 60 minutes
Players play cards to move their playing pieces along stone paths. There are cards with 5 different colors/symbols, each corresponding to one path; in addition, each card shows a number (0-10, twice each). In each color, each player can play his cards either ascending or descending. Like Lost Cities, it's better to concentrate on a few paths, since the last spaces grants high points, but ending early gives negative ones.The player in turn plays one card (out of a hand of 8), or discards one. He moves the corresponding playing piece on the path. Many of the spaces have a token that grants some bonus - either direct points (counted on the scoring track), an extra move on a path, or wish stones that are needed at game end to avoid negative points.The game ends when a total of 5 playing pieces have reached the 7th space (or more) on their paths. Now, scoring happens: Pieces which only moved 1-3 steps give negative points (-4, -3, -2). Pieces with 4+ steps grant points (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10). One piece of each player is higher and scores double. Fewer than two wish stones grants negative points (-3 / -4) 5+ wish stones yield a bonus of 10 points. All this is added to the points scored during the game