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GOT LCG (2nd Ed): Expansion 25 - Favor of the Old Gods
  • GOT LCG (2nd Ed): Expansion 25 - Favor of the Old Gods
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Designer Nate French, Eric M. Lang
Artist -
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Year Published 2018
# of Players 2 - 4
Suggested Min. Age 14+
Play Time 120 minutes
In Favor of the Old Gods, you'll find the continuation of the Flight of Crows cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, drawing players deeper into the events of A Feast for Crows with cards that feature the bestow keyword or reward you for forging alliances between factions. This pack also features an assortment of cards with traits such as Old Gods, The Seven, or R'hllor, hearkening to the many religions that have played their roles in the tumultuous game of thrones. From a new agenda evoking the mystical powers of the greenseers to characters like Selyse Baratheon and Ser Balon Swann, this Chapter Pack has plenty to offer for every faction.