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Fields of Arle - Tea & Trade
  • Fields of Arle - Tea & Trade
  • Fields of Arle - Tea & Trade
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Designer Tido Lorenz, Uwe Rosenberg
Artist Dennis Lohausen
Publisher Z-Man Games
Year Published 2014
# of Players 1 - 3
Suggested Min. Age 12+
Play Time 150 minutes
Return to East Frisia and bring more variety to your labors in the far North with the Tea and Trade expansion for Fields of Arle! This expansion adds tea - the national beverage of East Frisia - to energize your workers, as well as new ships for trading and fishing. Choose from a bevy of new features to add to your farm, including ditches that dehydrate your land and new buildings that grant you more options for maximizing your yields. With components to add a third player to the game, more players can enjoy the game than ever before. With new buildings, actions, and abilities, Tea and Trade includes everything you need to become a true 19th century farming magnate!