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Extra Extra
  • Extra Extra
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Designer Andrew Bond
Artist Vicki Dalton, Mark Zug
Publisher Mayfair Games
Year Published 2015
# of Players 2 - 6 Players
Suggested Min. Age 12+
Play Time 60 - 150 minutes
Extra! Extra! is all about completing the front and back pages of a newspaper, with a mixture of stories of different sizes. The larger the story, the better. Players score bonus points for stories in their speciality, extra material, interviews, and headlines. In the game, players collect news in six newsworthy subjects: home, world, business, politics, sport, and leisure. To do this, they place their reporters on the news they want to publish, but they can be outbid by other newspaper owners with bigger wallets. Copy and photo cuttings can be obtained from "the morgue"; more reporters can be hired; and news sold to raise capital. Whoever completes his front and back pages first receives a bonus but will that player have enough Circulation Points to win?