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Exoplanets - Great Expanse
  • Exoplanets - Great Expanse
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Designer Przemysław Świerczyński
Artist Przemysław Świerczyński
Publisher Greater Than Games
Year Published 2016
# of Players 2 - 5
Suggested Min. Age 12+
Play Time 30 - 60 Minutes
Exoplanets: The Great Expanse adds variety and replayability to your games of Exoplanets! The expansion contains the Gravity, Stars, and Space Kickstarter expansions all in a single box. Gravity is another Special Effects Tile that comes into play along with the Creation, Solar Storm, and Black Hole tiles. Whenever a player creates a planet, they receive one Gravity marker. Gravity markers may be used along with any resource to turn that resource into any other resource. Players may also use 3 (or 2 in a 4-player game) Gravity markers to remove a space tile from beneath one planet. It's an anti-take that play! The Gravity expansion also comes with a plastic holder for the Gravity markers.