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Dark Souls: The Card Game - Forgotten Paths
  • Dark Souls: The Card Game - Forgotten Paths
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Designer David Carl
Artist Tom Hutchings
Publisher Steamforged Games
Year Published 2018
# of Players 1 - 4 players
Suggested Min. Age 14+
Play Time 90 mins
Forgotten Paths is an expansion for Dark Souls: The Card Game. This expansion features exciting new encounters, powerful new enemies, and all-new rules for terrain and traps to ensure that every battle is a fresh challenge. Four distinctive, unique bosses and a brand-new exploration board provide thrilling adventure for even the most experienced players of the core game. To aid you in conquering these trials, this expansion also includes brand-new, powerful weapons and equipment as well as providing two completely new characters to play, the Pyromancer and the Thief, both of which bring their own play style to enhance your Dark Souls experience. A copy of Dark Souls: The Card Game is required to play with this expansion.