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Blue Moon City
  • Blue Moon City
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Designer Reiner Knizia
Artist Daren Bader, Scott Fischer, Lars Grant-West, Todd Lockwood, John Matson, James Nelson, Michael Phillippi, Franz Vohwinkel
Publisher CMON
Year Published 2006
# of Players 2 - 4 players
Suggested Min. Age 10+
Play Time 60 minutes
Blue Moon City - the board game - picks up where the two-player game, (Blue Moon), ended: the reconstruction of the destroyed city of Blue Moon. The board, illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel as well as many well-known American fantasy artists, consists of 21 large building tiles, which show building plans on one side and the buildings in their reconstructed glory on the other. As in the 2-player game, the game includes 3 large molded plastic dragons.