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Backgammon: Philos - Andros, Medium
  • Backgammon: Philos - Andros, Medium
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Backgammon is an exciting game for two people. It has simple rules and you can start your first game right away. After a predetermined lineup, the pieces are placed on the board. The dice determine the moves. Each turn, move your pieces across the board and finally off the board. Experience exciting moments after the dice have fallen and you then have to decide tactically. What will your game partner roll? Are you at risk or are you backing up? Keep an eye on your opponent's moves. Every litter brings new momentum and surprises into play.Even if it looks good to you, you can be thrown out by the game partner with a stone , which you then have to bring back into the game. Winning will be the first who can remove his pieces from the game board.