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Aeon's End: Legacy
  • Aeon's End: Legacy
  • Aeon's End: Legacy
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Designer Nick Little (I), Kevin Riley
Artist Gong Studios, Daniel Solis
Publisher Indie Boards & Cards
Year Published 2019
# of Players 1 - 4
Suggested Min. Age 14+
Play Time 45 - 90 Minutes
You are not breach mages yet, Brama lectures as she paces down the line of students, her frail form belying her immense power. œBreach mages have protected us since the beginning - since the burning of the world and our pilgrimage into the dark. It was they who founded Gravehold, our last bastion, and if you wish to stand beside these living legends, you must listen and learn. The Nameless shall come again, as they always have, and you will need to be ready. You are the hope of our future. As a young apprentice, you grew up to stories of the breach mages. Brama, the teacher, wisest of the mages. Dezmodia, the prodigy, master of great magic. Mist, the stoic leader and tactical genius. Malastar, the magical craftsman. Rebellious, powerful, and reckless perfectly sum up Xaxos. These mages are your heroes and tomorrow, after your ordeal, you will join their ranks.