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Relive the scenes of your favorite gangster in Ca$h 'n Guns and make sure to get the biggest part of the loot! The goal of the game is to have more money than anyone else after eight rounds while staying alive.


Each round, one player is the Boss, and they control the pace of play. First, loot cards are revealed on the table to show what is up for grabs. Next, players 'load' their guns by secretly selecting either a "Bang!" or a "Click! Click!" card from their hand. Players then lift their foam guns and on the count of three, each aims at another player of their choice. Then the Boss has the power to tell one player who is pointing a gun at them to point it at another player. Now, all players reveal their card, and anyone who's the target of a "Bang!" card takes a wound marker and gets none of the available loot.


Starting with the Boss, everyone who is still in the round takes one loot card at a time from the table; money, diamonds, paintings, the position of Boss, medical care (to heal a wound), or a new bullet (to add a "Bang!" card to their hand) — until everything has been claimed. The richest player still standing in this energetic party game after 8 rounds wins!





30 Mins



Product Details

  • Title: Cash'n Guns

  • Product Code: CGMU10N

  • Barcode: 5425016924433

  • Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 5.5cm

  • Unit Weight: 0.9 Kg

  • Case Qty: 6 units

  • Country of Origin: China

  • Product Type: Board Game

  • Category: Party Game

Game Rules (English)

Game Rules (Arabic)

How To Play (Arabic)

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