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Granada, 1278. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, one of the most exciting and ambitious projects during the Spanish Middle Ages begins to take shape: the construction of the wonderous Alhambra.


The master architects of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills. Employ the most suitable teams of builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right currency to pay them. With their help, majestic towers can be constructed, exotic gardens planted, beautiful pavilions erected, impressive arcades, seraglios and chambers built.

During the game, players acquire buildings and pay to place them within their Alhambra complex. Those with the most buildings of each of the six building types in their Alhambra score during the scoring phases. Extra points are awarded for players' longest "external wall" section within their complex.


Will the glory of your Alhambra outmatch that of your opponents’?





45-60 Mins



Product Details

  • Title: Alhambra

  • Product Code: QG104380320

  • Barcode: 4010350104385

  • Dimensions: 30 x30 x 7cm

  • Unit Weight: 1.65 kg

  • Case Qty: 6 units

  • Country of Origin: Germany

  • Product Type: Board Game

  • Category: Strategy Game

Game Rules (English)

Game Rules (Arabic)

How To Play (Arabic)

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