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AH LCG: Novella Vol 03 - Ire of the Void
  • AH LCG: Novella Vol 03 - Ire of the Void
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Designer -
Artist -
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Year Published 2017
# of Players 1 – 2 players
Suggested Min. Age 14+
Play Time 60 – 120 minutes
Take on the creatures that dwell between worlds in Ire of the Void! In this thrilling novella by Robert Lee Byers, astronomer and Miskatonic University professor Norman Withers seeks to restore his reputation among Arkham's academic elite after doubt of his claim of observing the disappearance of six stars. With the help of a visiting physicist, Withers investigates a series of scientific conundrums that lead to his comrade's disappearance into the void between worlds, and now both men are hunted by the vengeful hounds that reside there. Take on the role of the investigator yourself with detailed full-color inserts of Norman Withers' gathered evidence, complete with the astronomer's notes. In addition to a hardcover copy of the book, Ire of the Void includes four promotional cards to allow readers to build a deck for Norman Withers in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. With new tools and obstacles to enhance your investigations, you will be prepared to take on the forces of darkness like never before!